Get the frying pan!

As anyone will tell you, forget the small fish when you have bigger fish to fry.

83 Asiana crash survivors plan to sue airline, Boeing

…The law firm, Ribbeck Law Chartered, which specializes in aviation cases, said it was starting with Boeing and would file further petitions in the next few days against Asiana itself, as well as manufacturers of several of the plane’s components…

But why settle for just the big fish when you can have them both, right?
It's all about the money

The Boeing 777 that crashed July 6 has a record “of being one of the safest airliners in the sky,” said Kevin Hiatt, president and chief executive of the Flight Safety Foundation…

Yep even if the ‘big fish/ is one of the reasons behind the crash’s 99% survival rate πŸ˜‰air safety innovations

We just want to make sure nothing like this EVER HAPPENS AGAIN πŸ˜‰


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